The Fuck You Lizard

One of those stories that get passed along from GI to GI in Thailand is the famous Fuck You Lizard.  It is actually a gecko  called the Tokay.  Herpetologists say their call is “Tokay” thus the name, but to a GI with too much time of their hands in a foreign land it is easy to get the translations “Fuck You”.  I can attest that a many of nights while in the barracks writing a letter while sitting on my bunk the sounds from outside the louvered slats on the window the insulting lizard would be calling out.  “Fuck Que, Fuck Que, Fuck Que”, well into the night the sounds would reverberate throughout the compound.

The gecko was smart also, knowing we were Americans, they spoke in English to us.  How nice!

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  1. See my story about that lizard: Facebook, George McDaniel (the photo is of me holding a redfish I released), May 6, 2022.

    1. I was in Udorn about the same time as you were. I was in the Army and we had our own little post inside the Thai Army post. I did, however, work inside the large Air Force Base there in a TRC 90/A tropo van,

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