iPhone Charging Stand


June 15, 2023


The charging station worked well except for one issue that was frustrating.  The phone would sometimes slide away from the slanted back and the charging would unbeknownst to me would stop.  
To correct this issue I added a brass strip on the area where the bottom of the phone rest and then for decorative balance I added a brass strip around all sides of the base.  

April 12, 2023

This iPhone stand is made from a piece of 8/4 Sapele from another project and then milled to the dimensions noted in the Sketchup drawing below.  Embedded in the upright part is a MagSafe Charger that connects to the iPhone when leaned up against the rest.  

There is also a small tray to hold keys, coins, or the like.  The connection for the MagSafe Charger is a USB-C female that connects to a regular USB-A at the charger brick.

If I make another one I will iclude the option of plugging in a Lightning connector for the iPhone.

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