Repurposing Old TV Cabinet

My youngest daughter had an old TV cabinet that she recently replaced with a new, more open, sleeker model and gave me the old one to repurpose the wood as I saw fit. The old cabinet had a lot of wood to it, some was solid wood, some was MDF, and some was OSB.

I knew she needed a small end table for her living room so I selected various parts from the old cabinet and built the table pictured below. It was to replace an existing older table and the dimensions were fairly specific. No more than 16 inches tall and about 15 inches square.

All the wood but the banding around the two shelves came from the original cabinet. The banding was from scrap red oak that I trimmed to 1/4 inch and used a multi-beading bit in my router table to give the profile to the top edge.

The legs were a couple of pieces glued together and then tapered on a quickly put together tapering jig for the table saw. A first time for me using a tapering jig or the multi-beading bit profile.

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