Flip Top Cart

Space in my garage is at a premium so I built this flip-top cart to hold my bench top planer and the combination belt and spindle sander. Actually, there’s a law that says you must have a flip top cart in your workspace if your shop is a garage. I rarely need to use these at the same time so I chose these two to utilize the same cart. The cart has 3 inch locking casters making the unit move around easily and can quickly move back out of the way when not in use.

Each unit is plugged into a multi-outlet power strip inside the cart top and one male plug routes out the side. The top comes apart so if I need to get to something inside it’s possible to do so by removing about 10 two-inch screws. Hopefully that will be far and few between.

This design was posted on Fishers Shop and I used his design. There are many examples of flip-carts out there and I like this one the best of those that I watched.

i will probably edge-band some the raw plywood edges and give everything a final sanding and several coats of lacquer or poly-urethane to protect the wood. It’s ready to use, let’s make something.

In this position the combination belt and spindle sander is ready for use
Flipped 180 degrees the planer is now available.
The flip table locks on the side in either position.
Added a drawer to hold the spindles and other miscellaneous stuff. Found out the hard way that thing things fall out when flipped upside down.
In the middle of a swing.