The Reason I Don’t Buy From Best Buy

I ordered an in stock piece of electronic gear online from Best Buy. On checkout the delivery date was to have been the next day. Now, I really didn’t need it the next day but I was impressed with their commitment and it set my expectations.

The following day around 4:30 in the afternoon I received a text message from Best Buy letting me know my item was being delayed in shipment but would arrive the following day. I thought that was nice of them to let me know and the next day would be fine.

It’s now day three and the item still has not arrived and there’s no word from Best Buy or the carrier OnTrac.

Again, I really didn’t need the item and it’s actually a Christmas gift for someone but when you tell someone you’re going to do something and you don’t follow through an explanation is warranted. I wonder why Amazon is so successful?

Follow-up post.

I Hate Best Buy

i contacted the customer service department via online chat to see about the delivery of my equipment that’s been delayed 3 times. It was supposed to have been delivered on Wednesday December 11th. I recieved a text message Wednesday afternoon telling me my order was delayed and would be delivered the next day.

OnTrac is the carrier and they never showed up or notified me in anyway. That night their website simply said my item was delayed but there was no ETA. I called the customer service center for OnTrac and after going through the automated call center I was put in queue with an estimated 75 minute wait time with no option for a call back.

I tried Best Buy again to see if I could get an update on the delivery. Their virtual chat dropped me two times after waiting approximately 25 minutes each time.

The third time I was able to connect and was told that the delivery was now scheduled three days from now on Monday the 16th. So a Next Day delivery will be a 5 day delivery if it happens then.

Neither Best Buy nor OnTrac seems to care at all about customer service. Other than a text message three days ago I have not heard from anyone pro-actively.

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