Halloween BOO Letters



I had a lot of walnut scraps let over from the coffee table that I made recently so I put together a number of pieces to mae the BOO letters that are hung together.

The original letters were bought by Janet from a Gradinroad catalog and I traced those on a 1/4 inch piece of plywood to use as a template to make as many as I had the desire to ,make.

I used the bandsaw to roughly cut the outsides of the letters.  A scroll saw and jig saw took care of the interior areas and then a flush trim router bit was used to get the wood down to the refined shape as defined by the template.

The walnut letters were then sanded and a wipe on poly-urethane finish was applied.  The black letters are made of Douglas fir and are simply painted with a flat black spray paint.

The spiderwebs were bought from and Etsy store and pin nailed onto the letters.  They were painted orange or black depending upon the wood they were to be attached too.